Russians, Smussians

Obama sycophants anti-American vote fixing at minority polls

Soon we will have someone credible looking into the Democrat primaries since 2008.

Through Soros money, the left has run around registering illegals, minorities, street people, and criminals on the lam creating a Democrat only voter base. Trust me, the afore mentioned groups of people do not show up at a federal voting poll.

At first it looked like the best way to get their chosen candidate through the primary.

In olden days, the poll workers would just vote for dead people and all others that didn’t show……….Viola Mayor Daley wins every primary in Chicago for decades.

This created the Democrat only cities for years.

Then Obama came along and their stupid voters base could easily get confused for Hillary!  Horrors!

So this powerful little computer, loved by the ACLU lawyers and the media was controlling election outcomes. Here is the twist. Now it shows up here in Ohio in 2016 at the General Election.

Follow me, the voter shows up and is sent to the man with the little influencer computer. He gets them hooked up with a provisionary ballot. I witnessed this in Bedford Hts. a completely minority poll. When I asked the nice man with the little laptop if he could look up me and my husband, he replies NO! the little laptop only contains Democrats… Oops! I don’t think he should have said that.

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