I Don’t Sleep with Democrats




Here’s a tale of a recent [50 something year old] widow. Her dear friend, CC, talks her into going on-line to start dating. Although very scary and rather uncomfortable about doing just that, Kathleen Marshall, Kootsie, has bigger reasons not to do it! She will not go out with a Democrat. The story unveils why this strange predilection that ‘Democrats need not apply!’ As it turns out only Democrats do apply with the desire to convert her! It is quite tongue-in-cheek, filled with true memoirs and funny stories! It also follows along with current events leading up to the presidential election. Kootsie is a headstrong conservative who wants to be a writer. She meets CC in ‘Wanna-be-writers-class. CC is hooked on the Bravo series ‘real housewives of any city! Her form of procrastination from writing her book, ‘Everything is Penis! Do read on. I think you will enjoy this!


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