Kathleen Matta - Not Interested in being Politically Correct

About the Author

Here's a little about me...

I remember telling my dad just how much I wanted to write a book. He responded with, “Kath, did you know that a good author only sells 15,000 copies!”

Well, that sounded fine to me! When I wrote my first children’s book Henry and Pittsburgh it only sold 5,000 copies.

When it came to my passions, my parents always gave me the right guidance. My dad took me speed skating all around North America, to places like Rochester, Canada, and Detroit. I became pretty good for a little skinny girl! He also told me not to join the Peace Corps when I proposed the idea. He knew that I hated camping, strange food, and snakes!  So he told me to stay home and write this book instead. My mom was the person who had the greatest impact on me. She was a passionate, pro life Republican who was madly in love with Rush Limbaugh and that was what shaped the views I value so much today.

It’s been forty years between speed skating and finally writing this little book!  In the mean time I was busy with everything else that has given me purpose in this life. I helped start a Christian-based nursery school, which is now accredited and continuing to serve the community today. I followed in my uncle's footsteps to become an interior designer, although my degree is in Sociology from Chatham University in Pittsburgh.

Kathleen Matta

I always wanted to change the world one room at a time, so when I was asked to run for public office I realized I could incite change on a much greater level. I basically fell in love with Pittsburgh! I look back at the fact that there hasn't been a republican mayor for over 120 years and can’t help but blame democrat politicians for all of the city’s faults. I raised my three wonderful children, Tanna, Warren and Evan there. All three got great educations in the private school system, (even through Pittsburgh has extremely high property taxes for the privilege of a dismal public education.)

The enormous impact of my unusual life experiences have filled this book full of interesting memoirs! Some of the fiction strays more towards truth in many incidents. I am a born again Christian who isn’t interested in being politically correct. I have some very outrageous things to say. I hope you’ll enjoy reading them in I Don’t Sleep with Democrats! I know you’ll enjoy it (unless you’re a liberal and in that case, I don’t care either way).

--Kathleen Matta